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Keleya. Your pregnan­cy.
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Expe­ri­ence the lar­gest selec­tion of pregnan­cy work­outs, yoga & expert knowledge. 

Per­fect­ly tailo­red to you.

Keleya is the indi­vi­du­al health coach for expec­tant mothers. We are a young team with the visi­on to sup­port thousands of women with their pregnan­cy and the birth of their new­borns. Sin­ce our foun­da­ti­on in the sum­mer of 2017, we have been working every day with gre­at pas­si­on, agi­li­ty and gre­at team spi­rit to make pregnan­cy an even more posi­ti­ve experience.

Use the Keleya app for:

  • Work­outs. From fit­ness to yoga to Pilates.
  • Wee­kly updates on phy­si­cal chan­ges and your baby’s development.
  • Pre­pa­re yourself fle­xi­b­ly & digi­tal­ly for your birth.
  • Relax with selec­ted meditations.
  • Alle­via­te pregnan­cy sym­ptoms and track your well-being.
  • Or attend fle­xi­ble digi­tal cour­ses that sup­port you and your part­ner befo­re and after the birth.

Visit us on our web­site and sim­ply down­load our app:

Keleya - a pregnant woman lifting dumbbells.
Keleya — your cour­ses for birth pre­pa­ra­ti­on and mom fitness. 


Pregnancy support, health coach


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